Young guitarrist and composer from in Florianópolis, Brazil, is currently one of the most important musicians in Santa Catarina state.  Known for his remarkable rhythmic style and compositions that mix popular and classical music, Pedro Loch has been gathering a wide variety of works of Brazilian Music and Jazz.

Graduated in Music Education at the Santa Catarina State University in 2012, Loch also studied Jazz at Morehead State University (USA) through a scholarship granted by the Brazilian government in the second half of 2011.

As a composer, Loch founded important groups as Kiabo Instrumental, later on joining the songwriters Tatiana Cobbett e Marcoliva, creating the group Sonora Parceria and recording the album Música Súbita (2012). In 2013, he joined the musicians Rafael Calegari and Gabriel Vieira, creating the Trama Trio, recording in the following year the album Mergulho, one of the most relevant instrumental albums in Santa Catarina. In 2015, Loch composed for the theater piece Avessa, recording in the following year the album of the same name, also working as music director and arranger.

As an instrumentalist, Loch performed in the most varied works, such as the recording of the albums Corte Costura (2013) and Sawabona Shikoba (2015), by Tatiana Cobbett and Marcoliva, as well as albums by Iara Germer and Rodrigo Piva. Loch also worked alongside important names in Brazilian instrumental music such as Alessandro “Bebê” Kramer, Gabriel Grossi, Ricardo Herz, Amoy Ribas and Carlinhos Antunes. In Santa Catarina, he worked with Alegre Corrêa, Guinha Ramires, Luiz Gustavo Zago, Luiz Meira, Luiz Sebastião, Ricardo Baumgarten, among many others.


Duo (2018)

Avessa (2016)

Mergulho (2014)

Música Súbita (2011)


Pedro Loch Trio
Violão Canhoto (Solo)

Trama Trio

Kiabo Instrumental


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