Trama Trio is an instrumental group formed by the Brazilian musicians Gabriel Vieira (violin), Rafael Calegari (bass) and Pedro Loch (guitar). Their compositions and interpretations follow references from several spheres of Brazilian music, such as the popular violin, the traditional rhythms of southern Brazil, and big influences of samba, choro, baião, maracatu, among others.

With a rich sonority based on string instruments, the percussive and rhythmic style of each musician goes through the most varied Brazilian and South American rhythms, filling in gaps and functions of traditional percussion instruments. The academic formation in music of its members allows a perfect match between the rhythms and traditions of popular music with knowledge in harmony, arrangement and composition. The diving in these different spheres of music makes possible a work of intimate character, that explores rhythms and dynamics, joining the simple to the labored, the popular to the academic.


Mergulho is the first album of the group Trama Trio. Recorded live, the group sought immersion to perform the work, diving in the air of the hills of southern Brazil for ten days. Through the concept of the Araruna Mobile Studio, associated with the project MUSICASA by the artist Tatiana Cobbett, it was possible to elaborate, arrange and record during the stay in a farm in the city of Anitápolis / SC.

In addition to the inspiration in the mountains, the group also sought the contrast of the sea, recording for another four days in the parish of Santo Antônio de Lisboa, a neighborhood with an inspiring landscape of the city of Florianópolis / SC. The album also includes the participation of musicians Carlinhos Antunes, a São Paulo composer and instrumentalist specializing in string instruments, the pianist Luiz Gustavo Zago, the drummer Neto Fernandes and singer / songwriter Tatiana Cobbett. The composer Alegre Corrêa, musical reference of the group composed two tracks of the disc.